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A New Era for Manufacturers

In the Fifth Industrial Revolution era, marked by automation, digitization, and AI, manufacturers must vie for a skilled workforce to remain competitive. This shift requires companies to invest in training programs to prepare workers for the evolving demands of the industry. Additionally, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability will be crucial for attracting and retaining talent in this rapidly changing landscape.


How Are You Accelerating Employee Competency?

In this new environment, a competent and efficient workforce is needed to keep up with the increase in demand. Your old on-the-job training methods aren’t keeping pace with evolving technologies and processes. Nor, are they reliable or scalable.

Modernize Your Workforce Skills Development Strategy

You need to standardize and systemize training to upskill and reskill at scale. This eliminates variation that comes with the sharing of tribal knowledge and improves quality, safety, and efficiency on the shop floor. It also allows you to streamline learning systems and processes. 


Consolidate disparate training systems.


Automate learning processes and training assignments.


Reduce administrative overhead and associated costs.

Skills Are the New Currency

Build your skills bank account faster with a formalized and systemized skills development solution. With repeatable and scalable on-the-job training, you can shorten time competency and improve productivity.

Accelerate Learning

Improve the onboarding experience.

Close Skill Gaps

Increase knowledge capital.

Assess Competencies

Evaluate and sign off on competencies.

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Achieve Operational Excellence with the Power of Three

Seertech’s proprietary OJT3 technology is a force multiplier, elevating workforce competence management.

Plan – Simplify skills gap analysis

Execute – Accelerate skills gap closure

Prove – Validate skills

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OJT3 Features:

  • Workforce Capacity / bench-depth dashboards for optimizing shift coverage
  • Training Plans using your SOP / WID
  • Additional supporting information and content sharing
  • Optional knowledge tests using comprehensive test data
  • Ability to capture lot runs
  • Skills Assessment / Audit using checklist, rubric, and mobile assessment with evidence capture
  •  Signoff including automated tracking of recertification and decertification processes
  • Skills matrix reporting
  • Integration into your operating systems and access controls processes
  • Ability to use mobile devices to train in the flow of work, inside the shop floor

OJT3 Results:

40% Average decrease in time-to-competency
$1M Cost saving through standardization and automation
10K Person hours save annually through paperless automation

Get Skills Rich!

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