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Can you maintain productivity and efficiency in the face of disruption?

Manufacturers operate on lean, just in time schedules that require consistent, safe delivery on production quotas to strict deadlines. The cost of missing production quotas can run into millions of dollars per day, and if missed consistently, can have catastrophic impacts on investment and brand value.

Despite the risks, many manufacturing organizations are still utilizing manual or disparate learning management systems to manage training, scheduling, safety, certification and compliance. This increases the risk of errors and safety violations, which can cause operations to stutter to a halt with little or no warning.

And as the industry recovers from mass disruption and skills shortages, it’s never been more important to increase speed to competency, streamline recruitment and onboarding, scale cost-effectively, manage audit responsibilities and stay up to date with rapidly evolving industry standards.

Automate compliance, visibility, and productivity with the leading LMS for manufacturing

Seertech understands that manufacturing organizations need to work efficiently, productively, and safely while juggling strict deadlines and production quotas across multiple sites.

It becomes easy and quick to manage this with Seertech’s single source manufacturing training software that manages structured on-the-job training assignment and scheduling, workplace assessment, audit and certification, reporting, and integrations with operational process, including site & equipment access controls, proving support for badge authorizations and biometrics.

Seertech’s powerful and comprehensive LMS for manufacturing allows you to:

Automate compliance

Be audit-ready by providing automated targeting, robust evidence capture, and full traceable audit of certification through dashboarding and data visualization.

Just in time access across all sites

Connect all your training, certification, and compliance data into one place with centralized cloud-based system synced to a centralized skills and certification data repository, accessible via any device including while offline.

Keep and maintain shared knowledge

Embed vital knowledge, processes, and quality management into a learning management system that can store, maintain, and provide access to consistent quality processes and supporting documentation from anywhere.

Track and manage role-based certifications, licenses, and skills

Easily manage all the certifications and training that your workers need, and easily schedule the appropriate resources required to train, assess, and certify them to regulatory or local standards.

Maintain safe, visible, and consistent operations

Standardize on-the-job training, comply with industry and organization specific certification frameworks, and share skills, certification and quality management data across your entire network – all on a single platform.

Control site and operational safety

Ensure that only certified and trained workers can access workstations and equipment with factory automation integration, including support for badge and biometric access controls based on manufacturing training LMS-derived certifications.

Federate content, user permissions, and roles

Get granular on separate roles and permissions to ensure security, mitigate the risk of leaks, and share content only with the right users.

Improve time to competence

Drive efficiency, gain a competitive advantage, and ramp up operations quickly by providing new employees or those moving between jobs or factories with the tools they need to quickly onboard, train & certify.

Reduce recruitment costs

Reduce high attrition rates and their associated costs with supportive recruitment, onboarding, and training practices that empower & support employees from day one.

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