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Effortless training & learning on a global scale.

Are you utilizing a best-in-class training monetization platform to share and sell your training and learning content? When you want to expand your offerings on a global scale, the platform you choose can significantly impact your content’s sales and performance.

Enterprises must overcome several challenges when it comes to cost-effectively monetizing their training. Challenges with payment gateways, global tax rates, financial system integration, delivery methods, and managing training logistics all make it difficult to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

Finding the right training monetization platform that makes it easy and cost-effective to sell and share your training no matter the location can give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Make selling easy with Seertech Learning

Whether you’re selling content to consumers, businesses, or associations, it shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming to do so.

With Seertech’s powerful training monetization platform, your business can:

Cater to any region

Support each region’s unique tax rates, exchange rates, pricing requirements, and regulations with a comprehensive financial system

Get the full eCommerce LMS experience

Utilize an unlimited number of pricing models, payment gateway integrations, and sophisticated customer management tools to maximize your sales

Support multiple delivery methods

Host live classrooms, video content, on-site training, certification courses, and more – on any device

Manage classroom logistics

Easily coordinate the logistics of delivering live learning content across the globe with a powerful system that evolves with you

Deliver a rich learning experience (LxP)

Deploy augmented & virtual reality, micro-videos, to-do widgets, and other immersive experiences to improve your customers’ learning experience and performance

Create a branded portal

Strengthen and maintain your brand’s consistency with a completely customizable brand portal

Empower learners with smart learning

Offer self-service skills evaluations to determine current knowledge/experience/skills and recommend courses based on results

Provide Learning Content as a Service (LCaaS)

Through standard interfaces your content can be delivered and metered from the customer’s LMS or LxP

Improve your selling capabilities

Taking advantage of a comprehensive monetization platform allows your content to perform to its full potential – and profit. With Seertech Learning, you can boost your:


Catering to multiple regions in multiple languages makes your content far more accessible and attractive

Service Quality

A comprehensive eCommerce LMS platform provides better experiences for customers and improves their usage rates


With lower overheads, higher margins, and more loyal customers your business can increase the profit it makes from its content

Over 6 million people are served their critical learning and training needs through Seertech

Ready to see where Seertech Learning can take you?

If you’re looking for a streamlined, all-in-one content monetization solution, we invite you to put us to the test.