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The healthcare industry is rapidly changing every day - can your systems keep up?

Healthcare systems are supported by a vast array of different roles that are spread across multiple departments and locations, each one vital to consistently keeping the system running efficiently and safely.

But it can be all too easy for the system to lose reliability. Training, procedures, products and regulations change rapidly. Demand for healthcare services is increasing exponentially, with adequate staffing levels to support demand remaining a constant challenge. Staffing to meet demand results in a constant rotation of workers between locations and shifts. Keeping track of who is trained and certified to perform critical and essential tasks across this fragmented ecosystem is an ever-present challenge, especially considering the strict operational regulations that must be adhered to.

Without a centralized healthcare learning management system, it’s almost impossible to keep up to date with every new change, especially given the rapid nature and volume of change fostered onto an increasingly task saturated workforce. The healthcare industry is seeing that employees are becoming less efficient as they are tasked to do more with less, resulting in an increase in liability risks and rising costs from the struggle to rapidly scale adoption of change consistently and traceably across multiple networks and thousands of roles.

Optimize efficiency and safety with a healthcare
learning management system

Seertech understands that healthcare systems operate under multiple complex regulatory environments, have diverse, constantly changing workforces with continual education and certification requirements, and are under immense pressure to remain safe, reliable and cost-effective.

The best way to accomplish this? With a highly integrated, learner-centric, highly automated and scalable healthcare learning management system to manage training, operational assessment, certification, reporting, and integrations with critical process.


With Seertech’s Learning Management Suite (LMS), healthcare organizations can:

Support multiple roles and managers

Automate and support multiple managers, department or location, role and other assignments a to accommodate the workers spread out across multiple locations and shifts – all from a single system.

Access the same data from all sites

Connect all your networks, training, medical records, and data into one place with centralized cloud-based system accessible anywhere on any device synced to a centralized data repository.

Optimize compliant access across your operating ecosystem

Integrate our LMS directly with your operating equipment and machinery to ensure that your workers have the right training and certification to operate them safely, consistently and effectively, in alignment with regulations. 

Track and manage role-based certifications, licenses, and skills

Easily manage and automate the assignment of all the certifications and training that your workers need, and easily schedule and track the resources required to train, assess, and certify them to regulatory or local standards.

Aggregate and analyze data from each network

Aggregate data from the LMS and other upstream and downstream applications and manage data centrally, then use our extensive suite of analytics, dashboarding and reporting capabilities for data analysis for actionable insights across your entire healthcare system.

Maintain data privacy

Comply with strict local, state, and federal privacy regulations and keep your patient and staff records secure with a healthcare LMS that has multiple authentication & SSO options, while supporting digital record management regulations.

Empower employees with self-service

Reduce your administration time with an easy to use, scalable self-service system incorporating pre-defined learning journeys and collaborative knowledge sharing capabilities that your staff can use with little to no input from you.

Automate compliance

Provide robust role and permission-based evidence and auditability of certification levels across all dimensions of your organization through automated targeting, dashboarding, and data visualizations.

Deliver safe and consistent healthcare services

Standardize relevant training across all dimensions of your organization, comply with internal and externally mandated safety, privacy and efficacy regulations, and share compliance data securely across your entire network – all from a single platform.

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