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Help your external partners fulfill your brand promise.

Most enterprises have external partners, whether they’re suppliers, authorized re-sellers, franchises, contractors, or technicians. But are these partners maintaining a high level of service, meeting compliance obligations, increasing product awareness, or representing and fulfilling your business’s brand promise?

Seertech Learning comprehensively brings the extended enterprise into the one platform lowering costs and providing the ability to manage and evolve the entire corporate ecosystem, all in one enterprise LMS software. 

Drive partner performance with Seertech's extended enterprise LMS

Your extended enterprise is invaluable to your business, but it doesn’t always meet expectations.

With Seertech Learning, you’ll find a secure and scalable enterprise LMS software that ensures quality from your extended enterprise by allowing you to:

Create a branded portal

Strengthen and maintain your brand’s consistency with a completely customizable brand portal

Empower partners with self-service

Reduce your administration time with an easy self-service system and pre-defined learning journey that your partners can use with little to no input from you

Support multiple delivery methods

Host live classrooms, video content, on-site training, certification courses, and more – on any device

Keep your IP safe

Control what your partners access and protect your valuable IP with a safe and secure platform that has multiple authentication & SSO options

Identify and close performance gaps

Utilize comprehensive reporting capabilities to understand which partners are performing and which ones aren’t, and drive training opportunities for those that need it

Increase sales opportunities

Train your partners to better understand your products, sales tactics, and customer needs to improve sales outcomes

Allow your training to reach beyond your enterprise

When your extended enterprise is engaged, trained, and can maintain high standards of service, it provides you with a boost in:


Knowledgeable partners can sell more products and build consumer trust


Your risks are reduced and your reputation in improved when partners are certified in the delivery of your products

Customer Satisfaction

High-quality products delivered by certified partners ensure that customers are satisfied

Cost Savings

Lower administration costs, fewer safety incidences, and more sales all create long-term cost savings that you can put back into your business

Over 6 million people are served their critical learning and training needs through Seertech

Ready to see where Seertech Learning can take you?

If you’re looking for a streamlined, all-in-one extended enterprise solution, we invite you to put us to the test.