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Enable your workforce to meet critical business objectives.

The great reshuffle is upon us. Employers and Employees are hungry for personal and professional growth aligned to the needs of the organisation in a hyper-competitive post COVID world. Training, auditing and rapidly developing your employees is becoming critical for both business efficiency and market differentiation.

Without the right systems and processes to properly manage, train, certify, communicate with, and track your workforce, your business is at risk of missing your critical business objectives. Time to competence and productivity will suffer, costly errors will occur, employees won’t meet their KPIs, and safety incidents may increase.

It’s time for your enterprise to find the right platform that improves your processes, manages your critical compliance obligations, and allows your workforce to continue operating at optimal levels. It’s time to enable your workforce with Seertech Learning.

Manage your skilled workforce with a
single platform

Seertech Learning provides a single source application to manage training, workplace assessment, certification, reporting, and integrations with business-critical process.

Seertech’s powerful and comprehensive workforce enablement capabilities allow you to:

Track role-based certifications, licenses and skills

To ensure that your workers are certified and authorized to perform their roles.

Audit the certification process

Have full visibility into the training matrix and operational assessments required to attain and maintain compliance.

Automate compliance

Provide automated targeting, robust evidence and auditability of certification through dashboarding and data visualization.

Control site and operational safety

Facilitate automation and integration with key upstream, downstream, and operational systems for access control and rostering.

Empower your employees

Continuing education and learner-centric LxP empowers your learners to self-manage compliance through greater visibility and ease of use.

Communicate at scale

Automate communications like email and SMS using flexible and adaptable calendar integrations.

Provide just-in-time data access for all sites

Support localized procedures and operations through a centralized cloud-based system synced to a centralized data repository.

Enable your workforce to do more with Seertech Learning

Seertech Learning is a critical component of your wider operational and technical ecosystem that gives your enterprise a boost in:


When employees know how to do their jobs efficiently and safely, this significantly reduces downtime and disruption while improving satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Fewer disruptions, higher output, and reduced time to competence all lead to long-term cost savings that you can re-invest in your business

Employee Loyalty

Safe, engaged and empowered employees are the building blocks of corporate success

Investment Opportunities

When enterprises tell the right growth opportunity story, investors listen

Over 6 million people are served their critical learning and training needs through Seertech

Ready to see where Seertech Learning can take you?

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