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You have a complex operating environment - but you don’t need a
complex learning ecosystem to support it.

The regulatory environment of the resource sector is extensive, complex, and closely monitored – with serious consequences for breaches. Yet even the world’s largest operators with significant resource application have found it difficult to consistently meet these complex compliance, training and certification requirements. 

The size and complexity of operations – multiple systems, workers moving between sites, site hazards, thousands of pieces of equipment that span a wide range of complexity – paired with an evolving regulatory environment means that without an effective, single source learning and certification ecosystem, it is taking longer to get people certified. Not only that, but due to the highly mobile nature of the energy and resource workforce, without a robust training and certification solution, it is harder than ever to maintain and keep track of their certification. This increases the chance of untrained staff being scheduled to work, increases operational and strategic risk and reduces productivity. 

Managing all this while trying to remain compliant is incredibly costly and requires dedicated resources supported by robust, scalable and flexible learning management technology.

Seertech Learning LMS - the only learning
solution you will need to manage, monitor,
and schedule complex on the job training,
certification and compliance across your

Your learning technology solution should be suited to the unique environment you are operating in, providing the granular levels of compliance and visibility complex businesses like yours require to make fast and informed decisions in a constantly evolving workspace. 

Seertech Learning LMS gives Energy & Mining operators the ability to deliver and manage strategic and operational training & certification down to the equipment level on the job site. Seertech Learning LMS provides all the tools you need in a single application to effectively manage risk and execute on operational imperatives.

Seertech LMS – your one-stop solution for all your training & certification needs:

Access & connect anywhere, any time

Conduct your workplace assessments & certifications in the field – even when not connected to the internet. Automatically synch your training, certification, and compliance data regardless of how it was captured into one centralized cloud-based system.

Automate compliance

Be audit-ready by providing automated enrolment / assignment, robust evidence capture, and full traceable audit of certification through dashboarding and data visualization.

Scale visibility in a dynamic environment

Using our highly configurable and flexible dashboarding and training / certification matrix analytics, get both big picture and granular data from every level to pinpoint who is certified and where any gaps exist.

Control site and operational safety

Ensure that only certified and trained workers can access workstations and equipment with access control automated integration, including support for badge and biometric access controls based on LMS-derived certifications.

Improve time to competence

Drive efficiency, gain a competitive advantage, and ramp up operations quickly by providing new employees or those moving between sites a fully portable skills, competency and certification repository that moves with them to minimise onboarding time

Manage role-based certifications, licenses & skills

Easily view your team’s capability or certification gaps based on your operational needs. Rapidly close these gaps by using assignment automation tools to schedule and assign the appropriate resources required to train, assess, and certify your employees, contractors or others to regulatory or local standards.

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