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When learning and certification requirements keep expanding, systems can struggle to keep up

Operating in highly regulated environments, financial organizations face large learning and compliance obligations that are only continuing to evolve. The changing way that products and services are delivered (often now through external partnerships) plus growing employee self-directed development expectations are highlighting significant gaps in their current learning systems. 

Required capabilities now include ensuring compliance across the entire supply & value chains, continuously meeting rapidly evolving industry regulations, and offering opportunities for ongoing self-directed employee development to attract and retain top talent. The financial, productivity, and regulatory costs of not adequately addressing each of these demands is higher than ever before. 

Yet many organizations continue to rely on fragmented solutions that work in isolation from each other, making it hard to not only deliver and maintain the required learning ecosystem, but to understand whether it is achieving desired outcomes as demands grow and change.

Seertech Banking & Financial Services LMS automates compliance while supporting self-directed employee development

A modern LMS should be your primary change enablement tool. It’s not just a compliance management application. It should facilitate skills and competency analysis, development and certification for both ‘top-down’ and a ‘bottom-up’ frameworks across your entire employee and extended enterprise ecosystem, to drive tangible business and employee engagement results. If it’s not doing that, it’s not doing it’s job. 

The good news is, Seertech’s modern Banking & Finance LMS is designed from the ground up to provide the single-source system for onboarding, compliance, on-the-job training, role certification, skills and competency development and more, with comprehensive reporting and analytics – providing visibility over the impact learning is having on the organisation and on your people. 

Seertech partners deeply with organisations for the long term to help them navigate their constantly evolving learning and development needs, delivering value added thought leadership and services throughout your organisational learning journey.

The Seertech Banking & Financial Services LMS allows you to:

Contextualise top-down and bottom-up learning

Don’t settle for one size fits all – enjoy the capability and flexibility to craft a learning experience that is tailored to both the individual’s and the organization’s learning needs.

Automate compliance

Don’t get caught out. Be audit-ready by providing automated enrolment assignment, robust evidence capture, and full traceable audit of certification through dashboarding and data visualization from onboarding through the life of the employee.

An integrated application ecosystem

Have all moving parts of your organization work together with the power to integrate various upstream and downstream applications to support learning and development in the flow of work.

Reduce recruitment and retention costs

Reduce high attrition rates and their associated costs with supportive, tailored skill and competency-based development capabilities that empower your employees starting from the onboarding process right through the entirety of the learner’s journey in your organization.

Adapt & innovate learning approaches

The Seertech Banking & Finance LMS offers a single source application framework that provides the ultimate in self-service flexibility required to adapt and keep pace with new and innovative ways to deliver skills and competency-based training or certifications.

Manage role-based certifications, licenses & skills

Easily manage all required skills, competencies and certifications, for all employees, partners, customers and others. Easily schedule and manage the resources required to train, assess, and certify them to regulatory or local standards – all from one application.

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