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A cloud-based LMS suite that grows
with you

At Seertech, we redefine the Learning Management Suite ecosystem. Not just a one-and-done solution, it’s constantly evolving and scaling to meet all the learning and training needs of today as well as tomorrow.

Since our beginnings in 2003, our focus has been on building a complete learning ecosystem that is learner-centric, highly integrated, and able to constantly realign with the rapidly evolving needs of our customers and the industries they work in.

Our award-winning LMS suite streamlines your ecosystem by supporting Learner Experience (LxP), Learning Management System LMS and Learning Content Management (LCMS) in one platform. We help you lower costs, win contracts, sell more training, keep your staff productive and safe, and your partner ecosystem delivering.

Configure your LMS suite to suit your needs

In today’s disruptive world, enterprises need to have a competitive advantage, but many are held back by disparate systems (or no system at all) that don’t work for them.

With Seertech Learning, you don’t have to wrestle with multiple systems that don’t work with you. Instead, you can pick and choose the functionality you need, as well as seamlessly integrate your processes and systems to feed into (and out of) our all-in-one LMS suite.

Discover the many ways that Seertech Learning can meet your needs:

Why choose our LMS suite?

An all-in-one LMS suite that helps you meet your critical training, certification, compliance, and monetization needs:

Optimize your Spend

Reduce costs with a cloud-based technology that is strategically aligned to your business and integrated with your existing ecosystem.

Automate Compliance

Simplify your day-to-day operations by fully automating your compliance, delivery, management, reporting and auditing for both internal and extended enterprise audiences.

Personalize Learning

Add more value to the learning experience by allowing your learners to create a journey aligned specifically to their needs.

Measure Your Impact

Quickly visualise the impact of your learning, track budgets, and address training gaps with real-time dashboards and reports.

Learn and Assess on the Go

Boost efficiency and productivity by allowing people to learn or assess anywhere on any device, even when offline.

Streamline e-Commerce

Whether you’re selling training as your core business or as a value-add, in B2B or B2C, we’ve got your e-commerce needs covered.

Over 5 million people are served their critical learning and training needs through Seertech

Discover what our enterprise LMS suite could do for your business

If you’re looking for a flexible, powerful and complete LMS suite to support your changing needs, we can help.