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Ensure compliance.
Fuel productivity.

When your workforce is one of your most valuable assets, you need to ensure that you can inform, develop, monitor and keep it safe. Especially in complex or global operating environments. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find one learning and compliance solution that can scale, align and deliver true value.

Without the right system in place, large-scale organisations are finding that employees can’t maintain their job role compliance, improve their productivity and engagement, or adhere to stringent local regulations. Companies are resorting often to manual processes or multiple platforms to deliver on their basic Learning and Compliance needs.

It’s vital for enterprises to find a solution before they’re unable to keep up with their competition, retain talent, remain compliant, or boost their employee productivity.

A modern learning experience -
anywhere, any device

Seertech understands that corporates operate under multiple complex regulations, have vibrant and diverse workforces, and need to attract and retain talent with enticing benefits.

The right way to do this? With a highly integrated, learner-centric and scalable platform that makes learning simple and engaging while still enabling your company to comply with its regulations.

With Seertech’s Learning Management Suite (LMS), corporates can:

Provide a modern Learner Experience (LxP)

Provide a modern learner-centric platform with advanced search and discovery including AI recommendations based on what matters most to your company

Support multiple delivery methods

Host live or virtual classrooms, stream video content, certification, or recurrent courses, and much more – on any device

Provide continuing education

Ensure that your employees maintain their license and qualifications with support for all sources of continuing education

Aggregate content

Easily manage your internal content while bringing together learning content from multiple external sources to ensure that your employees have easy access to all the right training

Create professional development plans (PDPs)

Assess, identify, and close employee competency gaps to reduce disruption, mistakes, and penalties

Cater to diverse regions

Make it easy to cater to your global workforce’s needs & varied regulations with multi-language and regional support

Improve time to competence

Gain a competitive advantage by providing new employees with the tools they need to quickly onboard and train

Track and report on training

Easily manage all the certifications and training that your workers need, and schedule the resources required to train, assess and certify them to regulatory or local standards

Automate compliance

Provide robust evidence and auditability of certification levels through automated targeting, dashboarding and data visualization

Create an engaged and empowered
corporate workforce with a corporate LMS

Seertech Learning’s powerful platform provides corporates with the right tools to boost their:


Employees that have the right skills and training can do their jobs with maximum efficiency and fewer mistake

Talent Retention

Employees that are provided with relevant current and future learning opportunities are more motivated to stay

Reduced Silos

Utilizing one platform to manage all corporate compliance and development needs reduces silos, increases compliance and reduces costs.


Well-governed corporates stay out of the press and can get on with making “Safe Money”

Cost Savings

Fewer disruptions, higher output, and reduced recruitment costs all lead to long-term cost savings that you can re-invest in your business

Over 6 million people are served their critical learning and training needs through Seertech

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