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Competitively sustaining operational effectiveness while maintaining a culture of ‘safety first’ is hard

The demand for efficient domestic and international transport continues to grow. Safely scaling services to support, combined with the ongoing requirement to adopt emerging technologies and constantly changing regulations continues to place demands on both aviation and transport operations.

Strict regulations, rigidly enforced, dictate who can perform critical tasks on land and in the air. To compete effectively, aviation and transport organizations adopt lean operations that require flight crew, cabin crew, drivers, maintenance and support personnel to be safe and productive at all times, and to do this consistently at scale.

Delivering on these competing demands requires effective and consistent targeted training & certification support that can be difficult to achieve at scale across multiple sites and teams.

Without the right learning management system to manage employee and customer safety and productivity through consistency of employee, contractor and supply chain certified application of process, the ability to consistently compete cost effectively and safely at scale, can be severely impacted, with rapid and dramatic results.

Seertech Learning gives you the tools to drive safe, consistent and productive operations

From our over 20 years of experience supporting global aviation and transport operations, Seertech understands the organizational environment that governs operations which are under constant pressure to be safe and compliant, scale cost-effectively, and maintain productivity and efficiency at all times.

To address these challenges, Seertech’s LMS for aviation & transport provides a single source application to manage training scheduling and delivery, workplace assessment, certification, analytics and reporting, integrated with business-critical process across your operational ecosystem.

It’s our combination of powerful and comprehensive capabilities across our single source LMS that drive discerning aviation and transport customers to select Seertech Learning as their mission critical transformational enablement application.

The Seertech Learning LMS for transport & aviation enables:

Rapid, automated compliance

Rapidly onboard new employees, contractors and supply/value chain personnel with comprehensive, automated role and location-based training & certification capabilities.

Integrated access to the same data from all sites on any device

Connect all your training and certification, medical records, and compliance data into one place with centralized cloud-based system that allows you to access data from any device and integrate with upstream and downstream operational systems and processes.

Manage structured on the job training & certification

Enable and automate manager, supervisor and authorized party access to view, assign and manage structured on the job training assignments and certifications based on dashboard and reporting data overlayed against production and operational requirements.

Track and manage role-based certifications, licenses, and documents

Easily manage all required certifications, licenses and other documents required for each user and role, capture digital records and automate renewal processes for ongoing compliance.

Maintain safe, visible, and consistent operations

Standardize relevant training across multiple teams and locations, comply with FAA, CASA, and EASA regulations, and easily share data across your entire network via consistent and aligned data taxonomy- all on and from a single platform.

Integrate with operational systems

Aggregate all the relevant medical, certification, and training data to integrate with simulation, scheduling, flight management applications and operational processes to control site access and crew / shift rostering.

Empower employees with self-service

Reduce your administration time with an easy to use, scalable self-service system incorporating pre-defined learning journeys and collaborative knowledge sharing capabilities that your staff can use with little to no input from you.

Ramp up operations quickly

Drive efficiency and gain a competitive advantage by providing new and returning employees with the tools they need to quickly onboard and train. Enable information sharing through powerful collaborative tools and subject matter expert knowledge sharing capabilities.

Reduce recruitment costs

Reduce your need to hire more employees with a platform that provides all the resources needed to improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce – from onboarding through personal and professional development capabilities.

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