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Understanding Learning Types


Your learning management system (LMS) should be able to support multiple learning types. Even if you rely on one or two main types today, learning behaviour is changing and you should ensure you are planning to adapt to your audience needs, including the rise of new techniques, such as gamification.

Online Learning: your system needs to support web-playable content, whether supplied by outside vendors or authored in-house.

Mobile Learning: mobility is changing the face of learning, offering anytime, anyplace access. It increases the opportunity for people to participate in activities and opens opportunities to reach a broader section of your workforce.

Classroom Management: streamlining classroom and virtual classroom training is imperative. Check that your intended LMS has an efficient workflow with the flexibility to support your business process and is extendable to meet future growth.

Virtual classes or webinars: these need to be easy to join, tailored to their audience and be included as part of each individual’s learning program, not treated as an isolated solution.

Blended Learning: it’s important that your LMS has the flexibility to deliver multi-modal training, using all available media to deliver a curriculum or bespoke learning path.

External Learning: it’s likely that not all your training will be delivered in-house. Your LMS needs to ensure it can manage external requests, including justification, tracking and budgeting.

Certifications and Recurring Training: compliance requirements often demand
certification for specific job roles and repeat training within a specific renewal period. Your LMS should be able to efficiently manage this requirement, reducing the risk of compliance gaps in your organization.

Workplace Observations: sometimes on-the-job training does not require a formal course structure, but there is still a need for a manager to observe behaviours and record assessments, perhaps as part of a structured learning program.

Gamification: today, many companies are using gaming techniques to build greater engagement in their learning programs. You should ask your chosen provider how they plan to meet this emerging demand, if they haven’t already incorporated it into their LMS.