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Cloud-based solutions

A cloud-based LMS that evolves with you

At Seertech, we redefine the Learning Management System (LMS). Not just a once-and-done solution, it’s constantly evolving to meet the needs of today as well as tomorrow.

Since our beginnings in 2003, our focus has never shifted from building a customer-driven learning ecosystem that is open, integrated, and able to change with the needs of our customers and the industries they work in.

Our award-winning cloud-based LMS streamlines your entire learning and compliance process. Many of our customers see an increase in revenue and a decrease in their overheads, directly resulting from the workforce and operational optimisations that our learning solution provides. They also use the Seertech ecosystem to win more contracts or sell more training.

Why choose our cloud-based LMS?

Optimise your spend: Reduce costs with a cloud-based LMS that is strategically aligned to your business and integrated with your existing technology

Automate compliance: Simplify your day-to-day operations by fully automating your compliance delivery, management, reporting and auditing for both internal and extended enterprise audiences.

Personalise learning: Add more value to the learning experience by allowing your learners to create a journey aligned specifically to their needs.

Measure your impact: Quickly visualise the impact of your learning, track budgets, and address training gaps with real-time dashboards and reports.

Learn and assess on the go: Boost efficiency and productivity by allowing people to learn or assess anywhere on any device, even when offline.

Streamline e-commerce: Whether you’re selling training as your core business or as a value-add, in B2B or B2C, we’ve got your e-commerce needs covered.

Learning e-commerce

We believe we have the best learning e-commerce platform in the market.

Whether you sell training as a core revenue stream or provide it to customers and partners as a value-adding differentiation strategy, you need a cloud-based LMS that aligns to your brand and delivers a modern, high quality and engaging customer experience. You also understand how important it is to simplify the administration and logistics across a complex financial and reporting environment.

Our powerful e-commerce capability supports the entire lifecycle for both B2B and B2C customers, from ordering through to payment reconciliation. It allows you to create and manage your education products, plus target, sell, track and evaluate training to your internal and external audiences. All within a single cloud-based LMS.