Boral – Case Study

It’s made a huge difference to our operations Australia-wide, especially in terms of efficiencies and cost savings. And most importantly, safety.

Giovanna Romeo National Development Manager, Boral

Boral at a glance

Boral is Australia’s largest construction materials and building products supplier, with operations in all states and territories. Its workforce numbers over 10,000 employees and contractors working across more than 430 operating sites, many of them in remote parts of the country. In Australia, Boral supplies concrete, quarry products, asphalt, cement, roof tiles, timber and bricks for infrastructure projects and the construction of residential and commercial buildings.

The Challenge

Compliance, worker training and ensuring workers are competent to perform their roles are critically important issues in the mining and construction industries, especially with regard to workplace safety.

However, up until 2015 Boral, one of Australia’s largest companies in this industry with over 430+ sites and over 6,000 employees across Australia, did not have a single centralised, coordinated Learning Management System (LMS) to track all training records and learning requirements, produce standardised training matrices, run standard reports, or notify employees of refresher training and licence expiry dates.

After committing to attaining a leadership position in this field, Boral appointed Seertech to the project to implement a national LMS, which was considered an important tool to support delivery of Boral’s safety goal of ‘Zero Harm Today’.

In the initial stages, Seertech consultants worked closely with Boral staff to scope a solution utilising their iLearning PLUS LMS. Hosted on the Cloud, the new, customer-driven system was named ‘My Learning Space’ by Boral and designed to align with the company’s business strategy, training, compliance and safety objectives.

The Solution

The program involved collection and uploading of all relevant training completion evidence and licence data. Mandatory training was defined for Boral positions enabling managers to extract meaningful training matrix reports to determine the current compliance status of training for their teams.

On the technology side, the new system boasted a consistent, user friendly interface that helped consolidate a consistent, online learning and compliance program across Boral Australia, while also providing aggregate reporting across all sites around the country. Reporting data became available in real time, with hundreds of default reports, while compliance reports were configured to meet oversight standards and automation requirements, resulting in significant time savings for managers and supervisors.

As part of the program Seertech also introduced relevant Boral staff to the Downer Group – another Serteech client – for some valuable coalface advice about LMS implementation and strategy in the overlapping infrastructure services sector, a novel collaboration that helped advance the project quickly.

From day one of operations, the new system was configured to address a  multitude of business needs, including of course the creation of an enterprise-wide learning system for management and staff aligned to Boral’s business strategy and needs in Australia. The new system incorporated uniform training standards across Boral’s business operations, including job roles vs product lines vs operational requirements vs compliance; in addition to the creation of a comprehensive, centralized training and reporting matrix for both
employees and contractors in accordance with Australia’s national RTO (Registered Training Organisation) standards.

The system’s automation included the provision of new starter notifications for employees and contractors, and reminder notifications for outstanding training.

Other business goals achieved with the new system included:

Development of Safety Compliance and Risk Management System

  • Training and framework aligned to Boral’s Health and Safety Management System
  • Tracking of VOC’s (Verification of Competency) at a site, along with make and model level VOC’s for mobile plant and equipment
  • The development and integration of a ‘job role & equivalences’ functionality to track training to allow for flexibility around achieving competencies in different ways.

The leveraging of technology to build competency, drive efficiencies and reduce administration overheads

  • Training history and evidence files are all in one central system
  • Integration with payroll system ensuring quality and accuracy of information and greatly increased efficiencies
  • Automated training notifications
  • Ease of access to training qualifications and compliance requirements for tenders, projects and Request for Proposals
  • Manager and training administrator dashboard has meant that managers can easily see where their compliance levels are and efficiently focus on taking action to close gaps
  • Scheduling of reports to arrive in a manager’s inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or whatever the desired time frame is
  • User groups given different levels of access to allow for staff from existing business
    resources to take on varying roles within the LMS.
  • As part of the process to create a more user-friendly and automated process,
    the system was further configured to generate certificates online to send as
    an attachment to users, in addition to the automated notification of training
    requirements for both employees and contractors
  • The LMS was also configured to handle the company’s management of expressions of interest applications by simply converting requests from an inbox into an automated process that sends out responses and information regarding training offering across Boral.

Development of e-learning content and courseware

  • Development/standardisation of online training programs and consolidation with compliance standards and certifications
  • Seamless integration with training and education programs from outside providers; for example FM Global and

From a user experience perspective, the new LMS helped revolutionise training and compliance for Boral Australia by enabling the business to manage all training/compliance matters in one central location, for both employees and contractors, with easy, immediate access by managers and site supervisors country-wide.

The Seertech Advantage

The sheer size and scale of the LMS project for Boral presented some unique challenges for Seertech, but given the partnership approach between Seertech and Boral evident from day one, in addition to the flexible and scalable architecture of iLearningPLUS and Seertech’s philosophy of rapid deployment and alignment through configuration, all were overcome within a relatively tight time frame.

The results to date?

  • 100% of sites are live across Australia
  • Over 176,800 training history records uploaded
  • Over 23,848 licence completions
  • Over 7,286 courses created
  • Over 4,083 people completed online training
  • 1,364 job roles defined
  • Over 200 online courses under development
  • 222 administrators trained

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