Pharmaceuticals and Health

Seertech is experienced in servicing the needs of the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries worldwide. iLearning PLUS provides the functionality and reporting required by the industry, including certification and licensing administration and support for corporate compliance and education and development program initiatives, backed by robust, accessible, and detailed reporting.

Our iLearning PLUS learning management solution delivers support for:

  • advanced auditing and digital signature functionality compliant with provisions of Item 21 CFR Part 11
  • secure digital signature for programs according to industry regulations
  • delivery of strategic pharmacy programs either online, through workshops or web conferencing
  • support for mobile manufacturing competency certification, analyze and certify your shop-floor staff
  • clinical trial’s related training
  • unique program branding
  • corporate compliance and development training programs
  • extended enterprise learning with self-registration and authentication
  • administration of continued professional development
  • mobile access to information and for training
  • integration with social media solutions
  • “for-profit” training through comprehensive e-commerce capabilities
  • “best-in-breed” reporting and analytic capabilities, including ad hoc reports
    development and graphical dashboards

The benefits

For businesses and departments involved in Healthcare we provide:

  • a single global training records solution with full retention and availability of training/certification records
  • rapid deployment of programs to market
  • rapid certification of all employees (including ‘shop-floor’ personnel) that meets / exceeds industry standards
  • ability to record and manage industry certifications and licenses, and use this
    information to control highly configurable learning and communication workflows
  • greater reach for your experts
  • transparency and up-to-date information on all programs as they deploy