Mining, Construction & Manufacturing

iLearning PLUS provides industry-focused functionality at the site or project level, including comprehensive industry standards-based certification and reporting. You can use it to achieve all your compliance and learning development needs, including multiple role and task based certification and licensing administration.

iLearning PLUS delivers support for all of the following:

  • Shift, site or project-specific training delivery and reporting requirements
  • Corporate development training programs
  • Multi-tenancy for commercial joint-venture structures including associated branding

Site training administration

iLearning PLUS is geared to sophisticated industries with disparate workforces

  • Records all blended training activities including face-to-face, online, and system training
  • Supports the coordination of training resources, facilities, workplace certification, task certification, safety training, training planning, and delivery management
  • Supports job role and task based competency and career progression (Learning Paths)
  • Records all certifications, authorizations, and operating/work procedures, as well as licenses and medicals
  • Views training compliance and pending training requirements at multiple levels: Individual / Equipment / Procedure / Work group / Team / Site / Project or business unit
  • Manages site-specific competency requirements, including site induction, client induction, plant training, and authorizations
  • Manages overnight reporting and workflow, assisting with the relief of congested connectivity
  • Manages certification processes with automated workflow and self-defined alerts
  • Each user has full access to their training file
  • Supports access for external training providers, assessors, and other required third parties
  • Multiple user provisioning methods, such as self-registration, created on site, automated from payroll/HR feed, etc.

The benefits

  • Single training records, allowing simple transfers of employees between sites or projects with full retention and availability of training/certification records
  • Simple reporting at all levels designed to support all lines of business from project to site to corporate
  • Simple converting of a contractor to employee without the loss of prior employment training records
  • Simple setup allows reduction of repetitive training at various sites, assisting time to productivity by enabling site-specific training
  • Online training and assessment where possible to keep resources on site, resulting in a reduction in downtime and an increase in productivity
  • Enable accurate views at all levels of teams, certifications, and compliance progress
  • Supports scheduling and tracking workplace assessment and certification