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Our People

Peter Steendijk

Managing Director, EMEA

One of the most eye-catching aspects of Peter’s career is the extensive experience he boasts both in Australia and overseas. He’s worked for several international software companies in the Netherlands, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Australia. In the various management roles he’s taken on, Peter has done everything from setting up businesses in new regions to working together with local teams to contribute to complex project rollouts. Peter joined Seertech in 2014 as the company’s Strategic Account Manager.

“At Seertech, I have the opportunity to both be a part of the management team and work together with smart and ambitious individuals.”

Peter was driven to join Seertech for a multitude of reasons. The role gave him the opportunity to both be a part of the management team and work together with smart and ambitious individuals. It also aligned with his previous experience working for international companies with a start-up vibe. “It definitely has its challenges and requires hard work, but working in such an environment also brings about unique opportunities to influence the direction of the company and its products.”

When pressed for his favourite part of working at Seertech, Peter says he appreciates the diversity of his role within the company as well as the many chances he gets to explore and build new business development in the EMEA region. He’s also participated as a speaker at Seertech’s Customer Advisory Board sessions in Australia, as well as the Middle East, and Europe.

Peter shares that his top achievement has been “setting the foundation for our EMEA business, by winning new deals, managing complex projects in challenging environments, building trust and long term relationships with our customers.”

When he’s off the clock, Peter loves to explore Sydney surroundings on his bicycle while training for the next big bike race. He’s also a scuba diving fanatic and underwater videographer. Once in a while, he finds a long weekend to jump in the ocean and enjoy the beauty of Australia underwater.