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Our People

Matt Rowe

Chief Operating Officer

Throughout his varied career, Matt’s roles have primarily focused on innovative technology. He was one of the first employees at Eclipse Multimedia, where as Director of Technology, he helped to start the division that went on to become the largest web services provider in Australia at the time. Matt has also worked as a management consultant in the digital agency industry and was the CIO of a tertiary education focused online startup. He additionally worked a number years as a Director at Deloitte in the areas of online strategy and technology consulting. He joined Seertech in 2008 as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

I enjoy the ‘do what is required’ mentality that’s needed in small companies—it’s impossible to be bored!

Matt joined because he yearned to do something more client-side and product-based. “I’d come from consulting at one of the big four for many years, which had a very heavy sales focus,” he says. “As you move up in your career there, the focus switches from technical expertise to revenue, and there isn’t a strong focus on real outcomes for customers.”

To him, the opportunity to work at Seertech offered “a good mix” of his skills and the qualities he was looking for from a company. “The team was very small at that point, and Paul Hardwick’s energy regarding what he wanted to achieve was great,” he says. “I knew I could make a difference rather than just ‘perform a job,’ and be part of the company’s growth plans, which I always find exciting.”

While the company has grown significantly since it began nearly two decades ago, Matt believes that Seetech is still punching above its weight. “We’ve taken a slightly different path from our competition. We believe in focusing on understanding our customers’ mission critical learning needs. We’re not chasing buzzwords or bleeding edge tech; it always comes back to what is practical and makes a difference.”

The aspect Matt enjoys most about working at Seertech is the company’s “do what is required” mentality that he says is vital for small companies to have. “It’s impossible to be bored! My role is part operational and part customer focussed—I really enjoy that diversity and the balance. I get to work in the business and on the business.”

And when he’s not at work? Motorsport has become a passion in recent years, Matt takes to the racetrack whenever he can and is involved in Lotus and Fiat events. In fact, his passion for motorsport is so strong that he helps with a juniors motorsport programme. Matt also enjoys cooking and entertaining with family and friends, as well as tinkering with technology.