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Whether you use iLearning PLUS or not, Seertech can provide expert consulting to help you define or refine your learning approach.

Our aim is to educate and advise clients on the best eLearning practises. We want to ensure that you have the knowledge, skills, resources and tools to develop a sustainable eLearning experience across your business.

Our Customer Driven Solutions approach is designed to help you understand what can be achieved with your LSM across your business and, if possible, beyond it, to include partners, channels and customers.

Seertech leads you through the process of establishing and supporting a sustainable learning community from beginning to end, based on our years of experience and our dedication to learning management success.

Many LMS vendors focus almost exclusively on the technological aspects of learning management. Seertech’s approach however is more holistic.

Our experience shows that a successful project requires a defined strategy, a structured project plan and experienced teams committed to delivering a solution that delivers measurable value to the business and the extended enterprise ecosystem.

Given our experience, we tend to lead our clients through the process as an active strategic alliance partner who is passionate about your learning management success.

We understand the importance of training, and iLearning PLUS comes with comprehensive training and guidance before, during and after the initial implementation.

A number of support service options are available as part of our overall support framework and tailored programs can also be developed to suit your needs.

Support requests are managed through Tracker, our proprietary tool.

Most clients now choose to use iLearning PLUS as part of Seertech’s Cloud Service, a tier one hosted service with availability exceeding 99.99%. However, other options are also available, including on-premise or hosting on a third-party provider of your choice.