Hosted iLearning BPO/SaaS

Seertech Solutions runs, and is involved in running, some of the largest iLearning sites around the world. Our experience and reputation are globally recognized.

Seertech Solutions is dedicated to the Oracle iLearning product and associated hosting services. Seertech Solutions’ support and contribution to the iLearning product span 4 years and the team is second to none in getting the most out of the system in terms of performance and business alignment.

You would join other Seertech Solutions customers like Wind River, Ingersoll-Rand, Optus, OMNI AP and many others who have successfully used Seertech Solutions to deliver on their hosted Oracle iLearning requirements

The following factors distinguish Seertech Solutions from our competitors:

  • All of our hosted iLearning clients have run at over 99.99% availability for over 4 years with several tuning breakthroughs not available with other providers.
  • Seertech Solutions is dedicated/focused on Oracle iLearning hosting and support.
  • Seertech Solutions has developed significant IP around iLearning that is packaged in fully supported products (by both Oracle and Seertech Solutions). Included Free with Hosting services!
  • Seertech Solutions is the global expert in For-Profit learning implementations.

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