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Why choose Seertech?

Every company is different, and a one-size-fits-all HCM solution short-changes most organizations.

Seertech’s customer driven approach, in combination with the infinite configurability of iLearning PLUS makes it ideal for mission critical learning needs such as compliance and training regulations, sophisticated e-commerce solutions and complex learning challenges.

But that’s just part of the story. To find out more we recently surveyed our clients worldwide about why they chose Seertech and iLearning PLUS over other LMS products on the market.

These are the six top reasons they gave:

From look and feel, to workflow and support for specific industry requirements (mining, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, aviation, and communications) , customers chose iLearning PLUS because it was considered to be the most flexible application available.

iLearning PLUS offers an extensive and flexible platform facilitating integrations with virtually any third party application, maximizing efficiency and existing technology investments.

Customers like Ingersoll Rand and Cochlear chose iLearning PLUS for its mobile deployment capabilities, including the seamless device detection to auto-route users to the appropriate mobile or web views, as well as support for rapid content syndication and consolidated reporting across all device types.

Customers like Nuance, Wind River, Thermo King and Trane chose iLearning PLUS for its sophisticated e-commerce capabilities, including dedicated shopping cart, multi-currency, multi-discount rules, self-registration, support for PO, check, money order, budget transfers, education credits and full order / transaction management

iLearning PLUS ships with approximately 450 standard reports, and has direct integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for analytics using our dedicated star-schema based learning data warehouse.

iLearning PLUS’s product flexibility, rapid deployment, configuration and upgradability has swayed many clients who understand that their LMS needs to keep pace with their changing business environment. It has demonstrated its ability to keep pace with rapid change in a cost effective manner, resulting in a lower TCO than many other, simpler systems.