Training and Support


Seertech's aim is to educate and advise clients on eLearning best practices. Implementing your LMS project is just the beginning. It is the post implementation support that will determine the ultimate success of your LMS project. We strive to ensure each client has the knowledge, skills, resources and tools to ensure sustainable success.


At Seertech, we understand the importance of training. It's what we're all about. That's why we ensure that every iLearning PLUS installation is supported by comprehensive training support, for all users.

Training is role-based, providing each user with scenarios based on their specific function, whilst providing a conceptual understanding of the total system.

 Administrator Training explains how to define the roles of users, manage content folders, upload and import courses, manage learning paths and administer certifications and notifications.

 Content Training focuses on setting up content structures, publishing material, course management and issuing assessments, as well as troubleshooting content issues.

 Targeted training is also available to ensure the optimum training program for your specific requirements.  These include instructor-led courses at customer training sites, as well as online synchronous and other modes of training.

There's a wealth of self-help resources to assist in the use of the software, including user guides, online help, and learning modules.

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Support Packages

A number of support service options are available as part of our overall support framework, but tailored programs can also be developed to suit your needs. Support requests are managed through Tracker, our proprietrary tool which, combined with our support methodology, provides an extremely effective and transparent support structure.

 Account Administration & Administrator Support
You are provided with the appropriate levels of ongoing administrative support to promote sustainable success with your LMS ecosystem.
- Allocation of dedicated Seertech Account
- Access to Seertech Academy
- Access to Seertech's proprietary Tracker system

 Premium Support Service (Pre-Paid Support Packs)
This provides support for 'non-warranty item' categories, with pre-purchased hours valid for up to 12 months:
- Infrastructure consulting / support
- Application consulting
- New Product development / enhancements
- New reports / notifications development
- Content interoperability testing
- 3rd level administrative support services
- 'How to' requests

 Ad-Hoc Development / Admin Support
This consists of 'one off' support requests outside the Premium Support Package, billed at an hourly rate.

 Ad-Hoc Operational Consulting
This consists of provision of operational consulting and training services, including content interoperability testing, learning framework development, product /process training services, project management services and other operational consulting tasks.

 Ad-Hoc Strategic Consulting
The provision of strategic consulting and training services, including Learning Governance Framework development, policy and process development, vendor management services, and best practices learning consulting services.

 2nd Level Administrative Support
This provides second level administration tasks such as loading courses, testing courses, managing users and permissions, setting up classes, assigning re-sources, and report generation. This service is charged monthly in arrears based on an hourly rate.

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